You’re a creative spirit bursting with talent. 

An entrepreneur with something to say and a gift to share with the WORLD. 
A business & vision so incredible, you’re ready to shout it from the digital rooftops!

BUT, there’s one teensy-weensy problem: the world’s kind of hung up on this whole internet thing, and your current website looks like a pink-haired troll doll hit it with a ‘90s glitter-bomb. (Yikes!)

OR, maybe old-school graphics and funky fonts are the least of your problems. MAYBE you’re a lovely gal with an awesome biz, but ZERO presence on the internet. AND, the thought of someone googling your business and finding absolutely NOTHING gives you major hives. 

Know what else gives you hives?
Technical jargon. Pricey Websites. Crazy Coding. Poor Design.

Let’s just say spending hours plastered to your computer screen trying to DIY a site or social campaign from scratch isn’t your idea of a good time. ESPECIALLY, when you need every precious moment you can muster to actually run your business. 

That’s why you’re looking for a one-stop shop for staging and spreading your business message online that makes your SITE AND YOUR LIFE easy, clear, beautiful, and graceful. You’re looking for a little magic.

Well, say hello to Digital Grace Design...

I’m Sarah Blodgett, the creative mastermind behind Digital Grace Design and an entrepreneur on a mission to make life easier for busy, creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs LIKE YOU. Here, I take the stress out of telling your brand’s incredible story by delivering BRANDING and WEBSITE DESIGN that sings your praises and frees up your time so you can focus on what really matters: YOUR PASSION!

My little piece of design heaven! 

Ready to create an online presence that blows everyone away?
(Minus the glitterbomb, of course!)

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