About Digital Grace Design

From a young age, I was drawn to anything creative, whimsical, and elegant. Whether helping my mom pick out the sparkliest dress for a special occasion, playing dress up for hours, or spinning in the food court of a mall to see the skirt of my dress billow out around, I was IN!  

As a grownup, I spent 10 years playing make believe, twirling on the tips of my toes professionally.  Recently, I transitioned my love of all things pretty from stage to screen, where I now designs bespoke brands and websites for businesses that create fairytale days and capture magical moments (aka YOU! Photographers, wedding professionals, and creatives).  

You’ll find me sparkling around New York City, where I still never give up the chance for a spin in a dress with just the right kind of skirt.

Meet Sarah

Your fearless leader, newest team member, and founder of Digital grace design

I can’t wait to work with you and learn all about the amazing things you're getting up to!

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Fun facts

I have an identical twin sister.

I was a professional dancer for 10 years! I pirouetted my way across stages in the U.S. and Europe and loved every minute.

I've traveled to 30 countries and 38 states!

The year I turned 18, my father turned 90. 

My lifelong journey? Find the PERFECT coral nail polish. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it. 

I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area, lived in Salt Lake City for 2 years, and have been in NYC since 2009.

Cocktail: A Moscow Mule, or something with elderflower in it.

I have a goal of having my apartment featured on Apartment Therapy one day.

Child: My pup, Boomer...I don't have human children, but I think she'd still be my favorite.

Tea or Coffee: Both!  Iced coffee or Harney & Sons Paris tea, both with a little cream.

Ballet: Who Cares? or Romeo and Juliet.

Musical: West Side Story (surprised?)

Book: Too hard.  It changes too often.

Movie: Good Will Hunting.

Season: Spring or fall.

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