I know what it’s like to feel like your website is holding you back from attracting and converting the right clients in your creative business.

...to feel that roller coaster drop in your stomach when a potential client asks to see your website. 

If you’re like many of my clients, your business is thriving, but your website has likely been living on the back burner — long outgrown.

Your website no longer fits the refined and curated business you’ve carefully shaped, and you know it’s time to pass it off to a pro so it finally starts pulling its own weight in growing your business. 

At DGD, I’ve heard this countless times before.  I get it, and I can help.

While launching a website that is as strategic as it is beautiful may be our desired destination, the journey of getting there is just as important.

I’ll guide you through my streamlined, seamless Showit website design process so you feel equipped and empowered every step of the way.

Website Design Services

About Sarah

Award-Winning Website Designer, Strategist, & Client-Dubbed "Brand Therapist"

While my path to building Digital Grace has been anything but traditional, I also know it's what creates the the DGD difference.

Here's a glimpse into my journey and the value that each season has brought to our story.

  • 10 years as a professional dancer taught me how important it is to approach artistry and creativity with an attention to detail and a lot of discipline.
  • Experience in corporate training honed my eye for creating polished client experiences and the importance of setting clients up for future success.
  • Three years as a StoryBrand Certified Guide and a marketing degree developed my skills in market research, consumer behavior, sales, and strategic copywriting.
  • And in being a self-taught website designer, I’ve learned to stay rooted in curiosity and committed to life-long learning.

After leaping into my website design business five years ago, I’ve had the honor of being named Showit’s 2019 Designer of the Year, and have served over 200 clients in a variety of creative industries.

Each time feels special because every website is as unique as the person behind it.  My goal is to help you harness what gives your business a competitive edge and create a website that communicates your value. 

Designer of the Year


"This is one of those rare times in life that I can honestly say, there is truly nothing you could have done differently to make my experience with you more perfect."

Lancia E. Smith, The Cultivating Project

"When I began working with Sarah at Digital Grace Design I was overwhelmed and needed direction."

Sarah walked me through every step. She never made me feel bad about asking a million questions. She is incredibly creative & talented!

Kelly Berge, Providence Vineyard

"Working with Sarah has absolutely been the best experience I've ever had."

She helped me to shape the future of my business, and I was blown away at how accurately she was able to bring my vision to life. I honestly have no idea where I'd be right now if I hadn't found her, and can't recommend her enough!!

Victoria Sneden PR

Together, we'll create a website that's designed to visually communicate your brand story so you can connect with more dream clients and book them more confidently and easily than ever before. 

Website Design Services