You deserve a brand and website you feel proud of and that inspire your customers to book your services.

Are you worried that you might be missing out on potential clients because your website is unclear or doesn’t look professional?

Are you overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of designing a new brand because you don’t know how, don’t know where to start, or don’t have the time?

Do you feel anxiety when you hand out your business card or send a potential client to your website because it doesn't match the high quality of your work?

Is your website costing you clients?

Book more clients

Make marketing easy

Save valuable time

"I want to yell this from the rooftops, y’all.  There is no question in my mind that I will double my bookings this year because of my new website. Call her. Book her. LOVE HER!"

''I was at my wits end trying to figure out my website. Full on break down. Luckily, I found Sarah, & I’m speechless.

This talented woman spent special time to get to know our brand, our values, what we stand for, the experience we give to our clients, & my husband & I.  I was blown away by her professionalism, her creativity, & her approach in making our site unique & beautiful.

For two years now our site has NOT represented who we are, & now I can proudly send this site to any client knowing good & well I’m about to book the crap out of them."'

Allie Atkisson, Allie Atkisson Imaging

"The day we launched the rebrand & new website, we started receiving more scheduled calls & booking inquiries than ever before. If you’re on the fence as to whether you should hire Sarah, DO IT!  She’s amazing."

''Before working with Sarah, I felt lost not knowing how to get started with a rebrand & new website. I was overwhelmed knowing I didn’t have the time to do it myself or to hold a designer’s hand through the process. Just the thought of going through the process kept us from making the jump.

I was afraid that my vision was going to get lost, but it actually turned out better than I ever imagined.  She’s so talented at understanding exactly what each unique brand needs to thrive (something I noticed when looking through her samples of work).  Sarah really understood our brand, & was able to take care of us in a way that was efficient & honored our time.  Knowing she had it all under control gave me such confidence - it so easy.''

Andi Bravo Tolson, Andi Bravo Photography

"I’ve seen a huge shift in my clients since my rebrand, & it’s definitely having the effect I was hoping for. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone - my experience was wonderful!”

''Sarah made the whole brand & website design experience so easy. She had so many wonderful ideas that were exactly what I wanted.

My brand & website look amazing & I love every bit of them - they’re perfect! They’re exactly what I’ve always wanted - even better. They definitely feel like “me” & really match the style of cakes I like to create.''


"Working with Sarah has absolutely been the BEST experience I've ever had.  She helped me to better shape the future of my business, & I was blown away at how accurately she was able to bring my vision to life."

''Right from the beginning, she really helped me hone in on how I wanted to represent myself & my business through my website. She asked thought-provoking questions that I can honestly say helped me to better shape the future of my young business, & I was blown away at how accurately she was able to bring my vision to life.  

She works quickly without compromising quality of work, & I don’t think there was a single day that went by where we weren’t talking about how to make the best website possible for me. I honestly have no idea where I'd be right now if I hadn't found her, & can't recommend her enough!!''

Victoria Sneden, Victoria Sneden PR

"I’m happy to share that I LOVE my new brand & website, & have absolutely seen a return in my investment. In fact, I booked a wedding today & she specifically mentioned how much she loved my website!"

''Before working with Sarah at Digital Grace Design, I was frustrated because I couldn’t take the ideas from my head & make them a reality, & I had to settle every time I tried. I was worried though that if I invested in a custom brand & website that I wouldn’t see a return on my investment.

I promise you won’t regret collaborating with Sarah. Her attention to detail & ability to bring your vision to life is worth so much more than any other investment you could make. My favorite part of working together though was making a new friend in the process!''

Lindsey Drewes, Lindsey Drewes Photography

Make marketing your business easy & intentional, & let your business thrive

I'd be honored to work with you too.

• Create polished websites that represent their work

• Craft clear & cohesive brand stories

• Book more clients at the higher rates they deserved

• Feel confident and consistent in marketing their businesses

• Get back time to invest in the areas of their businesses they love

I'm Sarah, the founder of Digital Grace Design, & I'm thrilled that you're here.

I’ve helped over 75 business owners just like you...

I understand how frustrating it is to have a website that's unclear or unprofessional.

Bring your brand to life with a thoughtfully crafted video that connects with your audience and clearly shares the value and impact of your work. Inspire viewers to take action and say ‘yes’ to your services.

Inspiring Brand Videos

• Branding design (logos, color palettes, font selection, etc)
• Website design and development
• Graphic design for marketing collateral pieces

Create a polished and strategic brand and website that share your message clearly and help you book more clients.

Polished Brand & Website Design

• Create a go-to one-liner
• Hone a clear brand story you can use to make marketing easy
• Write website copy that converts site visitors into clients
• Craft a strategy for marketing your thriving business

Using the StoryBrand 7-part framework, we’ll make sure your brand story is clear and cohesive.

The right words to tell your story

Market your business effortlessly...

It's that easy!  I promise.

Launch your elevated brand and celebrate this new season of growth in your thriving business.  Get ready to start booking more clients!

Step 3:

We’ll craft your refined message, brand, website, and brand video together to bring your story to life.

Step 2:

Hop on a call to make sure we’re a fit and create a plan tailored to achieve your goals.

Step 1:

How does it work?

A lot of business owners are frustrated with brands and websites that don't represent the quality of their work, and it's costing them clients.  I help business owners develop polished brands, messaging, and websites, so they can book more clients and thrive. 

You're meant to Stand out, I can help.

it's time to Stop worrying about your website, and finally time to start booking more clients.

Consultation: Let’s hop on a call to make sure we’re a good match and craft a plan aligned with your goals.

Collaboration: Let’s design your clear and cohesive brand, message, and website together.

Celebration: Launch your newly elevated brand and website, and celebrate this new season of growth in your thriving business.




Here's how we do it...

At Digital Grace Design, I know that you want to build a successful business.  In order to do that, you need a clear and refined website that helps you book more clients and helps you stand out.   The problem is that your current website doesn’t properly reflect the quality of your incredible work and services you provide your clients, and you don’t know how or have time to fix it.  (Sound familiar?)  This makes you feel anxious, frustrated, stuck, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little embarrassed.  I believe you deserve a brand and website that work for you, not against you.

I know how challenging and stressful it can feel to not have a website you’re confident in, which is why I’ve helped over 75 creative business owners just like you design brands, brand stories, and websites they’re proud of - and that make booking more clients easy! 

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Let's craft a clear message & polished website that make your business thrive.

We'll be celebrating your success in no time.

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Share your information below to receive a complimentary video audit of your home page with tailored tips to make it more clear and more likely to convert visitors to clients. 

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