After all, what good is a gorgeous website if it's not showing up in search results when your ideal clients are looking for you?

You know you should be "optimizing your website" for SEO, but you're not even really sure what that means.

You've heard your fellow entrepreneurs talking about things like photo alt-text and meta descriptions, and you may have found yourself smiling and nodding while thinking, "note to self: look that up later and make sure my site has it."  But even if you remembered to look it up later, you were likely met with technical jargon that sounded like a foreign language.

Sound familiar?  You're so not alone.  SEO can totally feel overwhelming at first, and yet it's so worth learning more about so you can feel confident that your beautiful business and website will get found online by your ideal clients.

But when it comes to SEO, you feel completely overwhelmed, & have no idea where to begin.

You're thrilled to have a stunning Showit website that beautifully represents your growing business online

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

You just need someone to break down the major SEO concepts for you in an understandable way (finally), and teach you how to implement what you've learned.  You'd love to feel confident setting up your Showit website for SEO success on your own, and empowered to maintain it moving forward.

And you shouldn't have to pay an 'expert' the big bucks to optimize your Showit SEO for you, while you walk away having no idea what they actually did. 

Setting up SEO on your Showit website doesn't have to feel intimidating

Your investment is just $127!

Basic Keyword Research
Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, & Share Images
Tagging Text for SEO
Photo SEO
Canvas Layering
URL's & Redirects
Blogging SEO Tips
Setting up SSL, Google Analytics, & Google Search Console
What info I track in Google Analytics & Google Search Console for myself & clients
Off Website SEO Tips

Topics covered include:

A one-of-a-kind video based course that walks you through everything you need to know to set up a solid SEO groundwork on your Showit website.  The content has been broken up into 14 bite-sized, easy to follow video units to make working through the course manageable in your already busy schedule.  Revisit videos as often as you need, follow along in the corresponding 25-page workbook, and keep track of your progress on the included 2-page checklist as you complete the course on your own time.

This course includes:
• 14 bite-sized video tutorials
• A corresponding 25-page workbook
• A 2-page progress checklist

Everything you need to set your Showit website up for SEO success!

What do you Get?

Introducing the
Simple Showit SEO Course!

Feel confident in the SEO groundwork that you set up on your website, and maintain your SEO as you create new blog and website content.

Step 3: Confidently Maintain as needed

Implement what you learned in the course on your own website. Refer back to the videos and workbook as you need, and check off your to-do's.

Step 2: Implement what you learned 

Work through the course modules at your own pace, with bite-sized, easy to understand video units and corresponding workbook.

Step 1: Watch the videos

How it works

Bonnie Hamer, Presto Plans

When I switched my website over to Showit, I was overjoyed with the design freedom it provided. What I wasn't so sure about was how to get more eyes on the website I had created. I searched for information on optimizing my Showit site for SEO, and came up empty handed. That is until I stumbled across Sarah's course, and boy am I glad I did.

Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable on the topic and breaks the confusion of SEO down into easy-to-implement steps. She shares how to optimize keywords, use SEO plugins, analyze analytics, and set up the content, canvases, and photos on your Showit site, so you can move your way to the top search rankings.  This course is invaluable for someone setting up a website on Showit.""

""If you are feeling confused or overwhelmed about SEO on your Showit site, buy this course. You won't regret it.

Rania Urban, Rania Urban Photography

This course is easy to follow and step by step - perfect for website and SEO beginners like myself or as a good reminder for people who are advanced!

I love the way Sarah separated each clip so I can go back and look/listen more carefully at specific areas that I struggle in. I also loved that it wasn't just a video, but that I could follow along on her screen to see and compare what my site looks like.

Although the amount of information could have felt overwhelming, I wasn't left confused at the end. I knew exactly what I needed to do to get my SEO working me for and how I could get up in rankings in google. I highly recommend this course to everyone - no matter where you are in your web design!""

""This was EXACTLY what I needed at this point in my website development.  Mind. Blown.

Dolly DeLong, Dolly DeLong Photography

I am so thankful for Sarah's wisdom and knowledge! I have already put several of the modules into practice and I am currently renaming my alt text and naming all of the images on my website...I had NO idea I needed to do that!

Thank you for giving such great step by step directions, and thank you for doing it on a video format where you gave concrete examples! That seriously helped me out so much!""

""Thank you so much for offering this course!  I had NO idea I needed to do most of this!

Victoria Fiaretti, Art-Inspired Invitations & Paper Goods

This is a great easy to digest course that you can follow along with and make tweaks right alongside Sarah. You don’t have to know all the terms. Sarah walks through it with you.

If SEO is something you would like to tackle at your own pace and budget, this is the perfect option for you!""

""If SEO is something you would like to tackle at your own pace and budget, this is the perfect option for you!

Bri Cibene, Bri Cibene Photography

I've learned a lot about SEO over the years, but honestly, it's always been an overwhelming topic for me.

That is, until I took Sarah's course! She gives such practical and actionable advice that is easy to implement and understand. Everything was super clear! Lots of lightbulb moments! It was sooo good!

Thank you, Sarah!!  This course was fantastic!""

""I had so many light bulb moments during the course and feel so much more confident going forward.

MarieSam Sanchez, MarieSam Sanchez Photography

I was such a novice when it came to SEO, knowing only very little. But it's all so much clearer now and I feel confident in having the tools to make my site more dynamic and work better for me when it comes to SEO practices!!

This course was awesome. I love Sarah's method of presentation and instruction, loved being able to see her on the screen while she clicked through sites and showed us how to do things. A lot of times, courses like this will just be a screen with moving samples and clickthroughs, but only a voice behind it all. It was good to see her there leading the way and gave me a better sense of her presence.

Sarah is a great teacher!!!  I would definitely recommend this course!""

""This course was such a god send!  It was thoughtfully constructed, filled with such great info and tips.

Catherine Shuman, Ratio Solutions Group

Sarah does an amazing job at both explaining and showing you proven techniques for setting your Showit website up for SEO success!

Her teaching style is friendly and easy to follow.  She gives you real tips to implement that make this difficult topic attainable for anyone who takes her course - it was very well taught.  I would recommend it to everyone!!

Sarah has made a fan out of me with her easy to follow teaching style. I would love to take any future courses she puts out!  Great job! 

She made a topic that's always sounded so scary feel attainable.  Thank you again!!""

""I had no idea where to start with SEO. After finishing this course, I feel confident duplicating her steps and setting everything up myself.

Kind words from course participants just like you

Course Reviews

Hi friend!  I’m Sarah, the designer and strategist behind Digital Grace Design. Over the last several years, I've had the honor of aiding more than 100 creatives just like you in growing their businesses through custom branding, Showit website design, and copywriting.

Like you, when I first found Showit, I was thrilled!  I was (and still am!) in awe of its seemingly infinite design and creative capabilities, its user friendly drag and drop interface, and its amazing customer service.  Somewhere along the way though, I was asked about SEO for Showit, and to be honest, I didn't have an immediate answer.

So it quickly became a personal mission to learn as much about SEO as I could, generally and Showit specific, so that I could serve my design clients more fully with websites that were as strategic as they were beautiful.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that this knowledge was too important not to share with the greater Showit community, and the idea for the Simple Showit SEO course was born!  In a past career, I worked in training and development for consumer goods companies, and it was so much fun to blend my training experience with my design experience to bring this course to you.

Why create the Simple Showit SEO Course?

As soon as you sign up!  From the moment you sign up, you'll have immediate access to all of the course content.  Feel free to work through it at your own pace.

The course includes about 2.5 hours of video content, and then you'll want to plan additional time to work through implementing what you've learned on your website (which will vary based on the scope of your unique website).  

If you were feeling ambitious, you could technically work through the course in a day, but I'd recommend working through the content over about 2 weeks so that you can process what you've learned and thoughtfully implement your new knowledge.

You will have access to the course content as long as the course is offered.  I have no intention of discontinuing it any time in the near future, but promise to give you at least 3 months notice if in the future I choose to discontinue the offering for any reason.  

I would still definitely recommend this course!

Designers vary widely in their knowledge and implementation of SEO in their designs, and I'd hate for your stunning site to not get the traffic it deserves.

You can use the knowledge gained to empower yourself to audit your site's SEO, as well as strategically maintain it as you make adjustments and create new blog content.  Knowledge is power, and implementation is key!

While this course was designed specifically for easy SEO implementation on Showit websites, the SEO knowledge would be helpful across website platforms.

Yes!  This course was created to break down SEO, its terms, its implementation, and best practices in a very user friendly way.

This course also includes video tutorials to explain and show you actual examples of how all the pieces fit together, a workbook to refer back to, and a check list to gauge your progress along the way. 

Past course participants have called the course a great SEO 101 - great if you know nothing SEO related or if you'd love a strong review of what you already know.  Past participants have even shared that while some of them had spent time trying to learn SEO in the past, that this course finally made it clear for them.

On average, past course participants rated their SEO knowledge a 2 out of 10 before the course, and averaged a 9 out of 10 upon completing it.

There are so many factors at play with ranking first in Google search results.  I unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will rank first.

That said, the lessons you'll learn and implement in this course will set your site up to better allow Google to understand your site, what you offer, who you serve, etc - allowing them to better bring you up in results for queries that match your services.

If you're not 100% satisfied with the course content and you've watched at least 2/3 of the modules, I'm happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days after purchasing the course.  After 14 days are up, no refunds will be offered.  Thank you for your understanding!

Email me at!  I'd love to hear from you, and would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the Simple Showit SEO course.

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You could spend hundreds or thousands by hiring an 'expert' and still walk away overwhelmed by SEO.  Or you could learn how to set up Showit SEO yourself for just $127.  You can do this, friend!  I promise.  Get started today!

Ready to finally understand SEO?