Custom Brand & Showit Website Design Case Study: Lindsey Drewes Photography

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If you’ve been following my blog for a moment, you might remember that I had the pleasure of attending the Showit United 2018 Conference (if you missed it, you can read more about my experience here!)  One of the absolute highlights of the conference for me was getting to meet the one and only Lindsey Drewes!

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a connection with them?  Maybe where you were sitting chatting with them, and thought to yourself, “man, this girl is awesome!  I’d love to be friends with her.”  Well, that was exactly my experience of meeting Lindsey.  She’s an incredibly gifted wedding and architecture photographer (the Apartment Therapy fan girl in me thinks this is the coolest thing ever), and she could not be more thoughtful or down to earth.

Lindsey and I technically met in passing in the coffee shop one morning at the conference venue when she asked about my awesome Wool & Oak backpack (seriously the best backpacks ever! I’m not even an affiliate, I just love them), but I didn’t yet know how our paths would truly cross!  It turns out she had also attended the website best practices breakout session that I had spoken at, and had also scheduled a coaching session with me through the free coaching sessions that Showit makes available to conference attendees.  #ourpathsweremeanttocross

While Lindsey had initially scheduled the coaching session to get feedback and coaching about her current brand and website, through the course of the conference she had decided she was ready to elevate her photography business and wanted to start from scratch with a custom brand and Showit website.  I was beyond tickled that she had decided I was her girl!  Such an honor.

Lindsey came prepared to our session with inspiration spreads from Architectural Digest magazines, and shared with me her vision for a sophisticated, editorial feeling brand that also fostered authentic connection and a curated and thoughtful feel.  It was like nothing I had created so far, and I was so excited about her vision!

I can’t wait to share more about her process, and her new custom brand and Showit website design with you below!


About Lindsey Drewes Photography

Lindsey Drewes Photography is a Santa Ynez Valley based wedding and architectural photographer for authentic individuals who thoughtfully curate their homes, weddings, and lives. Lindsey Drewes Photography prioritizes developing quality relationships with their clients that lead to authentic, artisanal imagery, capturing moments that turn into cherished memories. LDP prides itself in being adaptable and calm in any situation, and always creating a warm, welcoming, and enjoyable experience.


Her Vision

Her goal was to ensure that her potential and current couples felt the immense value that her services would bring to their wedding or event, and that they would walk away from her website feeling that they could trust her to take care of all of their photography needs, while having fun along the way! Her warmth, thoughtful nature, grace under pressure, and fun energy shine through her website copy, making site visitors feel that they can trust her through and through, and allow them to feel confident in choosing her to photograph their special event or architectural shoot. Her brand and website aesthetic should reflect her authentic images and grounded nature, and work to attract the thoughtful, relationship focused clients she usually worked with.


Our Approach

Our goal was to ensure that her brand was something that Lindsey would be naturally drawn to (modern, editorial, clean, beautiful!), but also would inspire and attract her ideal clients. Our most important goal was to highlight Lindsey, her calm energy, her photographic eye, and her focus on relationships. We wanted potential clients to immediately see her love for capturing moments that turn into treasured memories. We wanted to bring a sense of Lindsey to her clients, so they don’t want to leave her site without getting in contact with her first – because they just know they want to become friend with you along the way! (like me!)


Her Custom Brand & Showit Website

Lindsey’s custom brand is filled with timeless sophistication and clean architectural feeling details, and reflects the thoughtfully curated lives of her couples and architectural clients.

Her color palette is calming, neutral, and minimal, grounded in earthy warm neutrals, balanced by cool gray blues, accented by blush tones, and earthy yet elegant forest green.  The palette feels calming and coastal, warm and welcoming, and has an understated elegance.  It’s timeless and also complements the palette of much of the scenery captured in her photographs.

Her design details are a blend of sophisticated and architectural textures that add visual interest to the brand.  They complement Lindsey’s architectural photography focus and experience, and also balance the feminine and airy images showcased in her wedding photography.

Her font palette is a blend of serif and sans serif fonts.  Serif fonts are known for their classic feel and add to her timeless aesthetic.  Sans serif fonts are known for their clean, modern feel.  Together, they nicely blend to create the clean, modern, editorial look we were going for.


Lindsey Drewes Photography Brand Board


I absolutely love how all the pieces came together within Lindsey’s custom brand and Showit website to make up the sophisticated and editorial, yet completely approachable brand that she has created.  Her brand and website are as thoughtfully curated as her work is, and I hope she loves it as much as I do!




Click here to visit Lindsey’s new online home!



Lindsey Drewes Photography Custom Brand and Showit Website Case Study


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