Custom Showit Website Design Case Study: The Legal Paige

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I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Paige now on three Showit websites, and every time it’s so much fun!  Paige is one of those folks that you swear must have extra hours in the day and she takes creative entrepreneurship to a whole other level.


If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of crossing paths with Paige yet, allow me to briefly introduce you to the many faces of Paige:

  • Photographer Paige: she’s a successful Missoula, Montana wedding and senior photographer
  • Legal Paige: she’s a lawyer (excuse me, what?!) for creatives, and operates a legal shop that offers contract templates, clauses, and courses to make sure your creative business is #legallylegit
  • Mentor Paige: she mentors other photographers and creative entrepreneurs through her mastermind
  • Podcast Paige: she has The Legal Paige podcast that features weekly episodes full of legal, finance, and business tips for creatives and online businesses
  • Speaker Paige: she frequently speaks at workshops, retreats, and conferences about all things legal concerning your creative business
  • and to top it all off, she also teaches Oula dance fitness

#nailingit!  See what I mean about those extra hours in the day?

After collaborating with Paige on her original Legal Paige and Paige Marie Photography Showit websites, I was so excited when she approached me at the Showit United 2018 conference about combining her brands into one Paige Marie brand with a fully custom Showit website design.  This one was going to be a doozy to get everything combined in a strategic and thoughtful way, but so worth it in the end to have everything in one place!


The new Legal Paige website is a total one stop shop!

You’ll find information about Paige’s:

  • legal services for creatives
  • Missoula wedding and senior photography offerings
  • legal shop filled with over 40 contract and clause templates (with new templates added almost every week!) to make sure your business bum is covered legally – you can totally have an e-commerce aspect to your Showit site thanks to integrations with Shopify Lite, pretty awesome right?
  • legal podcast and episodes
  • speaking offerings
  • a blog jam packed with helpful business and legal tips (that I’ve referred to personally myself!), and absolutely stunning photography (I never knew how absolutely gorgeous Montana was until I met Paige!)
  • fun quizzes to get to know Paige and your legal needs
  • awesome freebies!!

…and so much of Paige’s bubbly personality and passion for helping creatives run their businesses successfully and legally!

If you’re not sure if your creative business is #legallylegit, hop on over and visit Paige.  She’ll get you sorted and covered, and make it all feel easy and totally not scary along the way!  Trust me.  I mean, what better lawyer is there to advise you on the legal aspects of your creative business than a creative herself!




Go check out Paige’s new custom Showit website and online home, and join me in celebrating the launch of the new The Legal Paige!


The Legal Paige Custom Showit Website Case Study


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