Showit Website Case Study: Allie Atkisson Imaging

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My path crossed with Allie’s when she posted in the Showit Users Facebook group that she was looking for a designer to help her elevate her brand with a new Showit website.  I of course replied that I’d love to learn more about her vision, and promptly hopped over to her original website to see who this lovely lady was.

What I found on the other end was stunning, authentic photography filled with special moments, raw emotion, and clear connection.  Then I popped over to her About page where I learned more about her husband and wife team, saw so much personality and heart, and noticed that she was a fellow dog lover and personal development junkie (just like me!!).  Now I really hoped she would reach out to chat more!

When she did, I literally cried.  Not just because she reached out, but because, y’all, I’ve never received a more thorough and thoughtful inquiry than Allie’s.  Ever.  She so vulnerably shared her story, more about who she and her husband Tommy are, her passion for capturing love stories, her vision for infusing her site with her guiding light “love is…”, and when she said I might be her girl, my heart might have leapt out of my chest for a moment.

Guys, the beautiful statements she shared about what “love is…” had me weeping.  I read her inquiry to my boyfriend (hope that’s ok Allie!), and had to stop half way through because I was so caught with emotion.  I was so touched by her heart, and honored that she wanted to work with little ‘ol me.

Allie and Tommy are wedding photographers based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and they are two of my favorite clients I have ever gotten to ‘meet’ and learn more about.  It was such an absolute joy to build a Showit website around their gorgeous photos and with such inspired purpose and ‘why’.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had clients that made my life so incredibly easy because of the clarity they have around who they are and their openness into the experiences that they create.  I was so excited to send them the first draft of their site, and was thrilled to receive this as a response:

“I’m in tears.  Sarah, I don’t where to start. We love what you’ve done. I loved what you’ve chose to document, and how you’ve done it. I’m floored. Tommy is over the moon.

I said out loud “Oh my gosh….we are like really good. Look at these photos. Look at how happy everyone is” And he shook me and was like ” THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU!!!!”  I can’t tell you how happy I am right now.  AGAIN WOW!  I’m so glad I found you.”

Ok, so maybe we’re a bit of a teary bunch, but I promise they were all happy tears!  When I think about Allie and Tommy, I think community, connection, family, raw, candid, joyful, authentic, artisanal, devotion, and love.  They absolutely deserve a website that truly represents who they are and the amazing services that they provide their couples.  I hope all of their heart comes through for you too when you visit their new site!


I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Allie Atkisson Imaging on the launch of their new Showit website!



After her launch, Allie beat me to announcing her new Showit website in the Showit User Facebook group, and I couldn’t have been more honored by her words shared:

“A month ago I was at my wits end trying to figure out my website. Full on break down. Luckily through the Showit Facebook group, I found Sarah, and I’m speechless.

This talented woman not only spent special time to get to know our brand and our values, she spent time getting to know my husband and me. She took special interest in what we stand for and the experience we give to our clients. For two years now our site has NOT represented who we are, and now I can proudly send this site to any client knowing good and well I’m about to book the crap out of them.

I was blown away by her professionalism, her creativity, and her approach in making our site unique and beautiful.  If you are struggling, if you are just starting, if you’re a long time pro, if you need a website make over or just a little spruce up, contact this beautiful human right now and know that your hard earned money will be put to great use.

I want to yell this from the rooftops, y’all. There is no question in my mind that I will double my bookings this year because of this huge change. Call her. Book her. LOVE HER!”


Thanks again Allie and Tommy!  It’s been a pleasure, and I can’t wait to see where you grow from here.


Allie Atkisson Imaging Showit Website Case Study


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