Showit Website Design Case Study: M Cake Design

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The only thing more rewarding than wrapping up a fun website design project is seeing it go live on launch day.

It makes me feel like decorating my apartment with streamers and baking a frosted cake to celebrate, which is especially fitting for my latest client project with Melody of M Cake Design.

After running her custom cake business under the name Melody & Teddy for over four years, Melody decided it was time to change her name, refresh her branding, and finish it off with a more strategic and beautifully designed website.

Her previous logo and website didn’t properly reflect the incredible detail and quality of work in her cakes. It also wasn’t reflecting the more upscale ideal client she was hoping to work with.

After receiving many inquiries from brides with smaller budgets who tried to talk her down from her prices, she decided to pivot and collaborate with a designer who could help her intentionally market her services to high-end clients. She also wanted to appeal to clients beyond just the wedding market with birthday and special occasion cakes.



Melody & Teddy Home Page               Melody & Teddy Cupcake Flavors Menu Page


Melody’s cakes are unique in that they are all made from scratch with all-organic ingredients. As a holistic nutritionist, she wanted her branding and website to show off her one-of-a-kind cake designs along with the health benefits inside.

Melody sells more than a product; she sells a boutique, high-end experience and service. Proudly serving clients from her bakery in Toronto, she wanted to solidify herself as a trusted choice in her local market for custom, organic wedding and celebration cakes.



Mood Board for M Cake Design

We began the project by giving her visual branding a whole new look. The first step was creating a moodboard that would speak to how Melody’s cakes fit in with the lifestyle and vision of her ideal clients. The result was gorgeous! Wouldn’t you agree?  


After the moodboard was approved, we started to create the actual visual elements of her brand. Melody wanted her branding to have a soft, delicate, sophisticated, and airy feel. Instead of the bright colors of her previous logo, we gravitated toward a muted yet beautiful color palette of blush pinks, rich blues, and soft greys.



Branding Style Board for M Cake Design Rebrand

We also created some graphic elements that would enhance her branding, including a honeycomb pattern and foliage graphics. We used these elements all throughout her website.

Beyond colors, we wanted to hand-select fonts that would speak to her ideal client. We envisioned a high-end, editorial feel for her text design and the fonts we chose did not disappoint. My favorite is the accent font, but the title font really pulls everything together.








Now that we solidified Melody’s new visual branding with M Cake Design, it was time to start designing her website. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process because it’s when visual branding comes to life!

Since most of her client leads come directly from her website, it was more important than ever to make sure she had a website that was not only beautifully crafted but also intuitive and user-friendly for visitors. Showit makes this incredibly easy with their drag-and-drop tool and easy-to-update platform.

I began the process by mocking up a homepage to show Melody and get her feedback before creating the rest of her website pages. This was her response:

“It looks amazing!!! I love every bit of it! It is so clean and refreshing, yet delicate and sophisticated. It is perfect! It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted and even better! Thank you so so much! It definitely feels like “me” when I go through the website, and it really matches the style of cakes I like to create.”

When you get a response with multiple exclamation points, you know you’re on the right track! We refined the homepage as I created the rest of her website pages.

When you visit M Cake Design’s website today, you’ll be greeted with beautiful photography of her high-quality work along with high-end visual branding elements to match. It speaks to who Melody is as a small business owner but also to her clients who want to celebrate their memorable moments with custom, organic cakes.



After Mock up image of the M Cake Design Website Click the image to see the site live!




Melody has never felt more confident in her website! She feels comfortable sending people to her website and collaborating with other vendors who know the quality of her work reflects their own. She’s booked more projects at her ideal price point than ever before because her branding and website appeals to people with high-end budgets.

I absolutely loved collaborating with Melody along the way, but this is what she had to say about our project:

“Sarah was able to come up with many wonderful ideas that were exactly what I wanted. Sarah was extremely pleasant to work with and she made the whole experience so easy. She was always ready to make revisions as needed and open to any ideas I had along the way. It really has been such a wonderful experience working with her! I’ve definitely seen a shift in my clients ever since the rebrand, and it’s starting to have the effect I was expecting. I highly recommend Sarah’s service to anyone who is looking for rebranding, logo design, or website design. Thank you so much again Sarah for all you’ve done!”

And there you have it! One more project for the books.

Are you looking to rebrand your business like Melody, but aren’t quite sure where to start with building your website and refining your visual brand? I’d love to chat with you about your business and how we may collaborate together to enhance your business!

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Showit Website of M Cake Design - a Case Study

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