Why I Design Client Websites on the Showit Platform

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I’ve designed websites on virtually every platform that exists and nothing (I repeat, nothing) can compare to the Showit platform.

Showit may be a relatively new kid on the block, but it’s quickly gaining ground because of how beautiful its interface is for creators and visitors alike.

It takes away the need to code every little detail of your website (saving us countless hours and saving you lots of money!) while allowing you to walk away with a website that is still customized and uniquely your own.

I’m pretty much a fangirl of the Showit platform, but rather than just tell you about the platform, I want to prove it with some reasons why I use it as a website designer. The results also speak for themselves. 😉



Uniquely built for image-focused and visual business owners

As a wedding professional, so much of what you do is to delight the senses. You work in a very visual industry but not every website building platform is built for this. While it is important to have engaging website content written on your website, your imagery will take center stage.

Showit was created for photographers initially and now caters to visually creative business owners of all industries including wedding professionals, interior designers, and even coaches and online educators. It doesn’t hurt that popular entrepreneurs like Jenna Kutcher, Jasmine Star, and Katelyn James host their websites on Showit.

Basically, if you can imagine it, you can create it on Showit! You can customize every aspect of your website with their simple drag-and-drop feature. While the platform takes a little time to get used to, working with a website designer that spends a lot of time using the tool (or literally all day in my case!) will help you eliminate the learning curve.


Ability to easily customize website for mobile and desktop

Not only can you customize your look with custom color palettes and typography choices, but you can also design for mobile devices and desktops alike. No matter what size screen a visitor is looking at your website on, it will look beautiful.

Other website platforms like Wix and Squarespace don’t allow you to make direct changes to the mobile version without affecting how your website looks on desktop. This can be super frustrating for website designers and for you as the client!

If you have a specific vision for what you want your website to look like on mobile and desktop, we can make it happen on Showit.


No coding necessary (unless you want to)

I already talked a little bit about their drag-and-drop feature (which is truly one-of-a-kind) but the main reason why this is so cool is that you don’t have to dig into the CSS and HTML coding in order to do it.

If you start to go cross-eyed whenever you look at the backend coding of your website, don’t worry! Showit will help you eliminate the hassle of having to learn how to code in order to get the look you want. They’ve already done all the heavy lifting for you!

This also allows you to upkeep your own site if you are interested in making tweaks to a page that already exists or you want to add a new landing page.

This helps you be in full control of your website if you so desire. I also have packages for clients who want to keep me on a retainer basis for updates if you are more interested in handing that off to someone else.


Very similar interface to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Do you have experience with any of the Adobe visual products? If so, Showit just got a lot easier. You’ll have an easier time hopping into the platform since Showit is set up much like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to learn how to use Illustrator or Photoshop before you start using Showit. It does, however, lessen the learning curve. If you are working with a professional website designer, you don’t have to worry about this part!


Integrated WordPress blog

Although Showit is its own unique platform, it allows you to have the best of both worlds with WordPress blog integration. This way, you have the full power of a CMS (which stands for content management system) while still staying within the Showit framework.

WordPress is known for allowing you to have a wide range of customization options and plugin capabilities within its blog platform so we can have a LOT of fun when designing your blog along with your website.




Easy SEO optimization

So you can customize the look and feel of your website, but are you setting it up for success with SEO? The quick answer is yes!

You can still customize your page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and optimize for industry specific keywords within the Showit platform. If all of those terms made your brain hurt, I can totally tap in and help you with all of this, or check out my Simple Showit SEO course to learn everything you need to know to easily DIY your SEO on your Showit website!


Hosting included in ShowIt plan

When you invest in a Showit website, you’ll have hosting included into your monthly service. What’s amazing about this is if there is a problem with the platform, you can rest easy knowing that Showit is already on the case.

With website platforms like WordPress, if your website happens to go down because of your host server, you have to contact with them directly and all of the work lands on you to communicate the problem.

With Showit, they have a support team that is constantly working on this so your site is safe, secure, and shows up properly. Talk about headache relief!


Amazing customer service

Along with Showit’s support team, they also have amazing customer service. Some of your questions can be answered simply by watching their Get Started tutorials or looking through their FAQs.

If your question goes beyond the resources they’ve already created, you can also reach out to them directly through their chat function. Their team is always responsive and is even known to send fun GIFs every now and then. They’re awesome!


Now the question is why wouldn’t you use Showit?

There are so many benefits to using a website building platform like Showit. These are just a few that have been most impactful for me as a website designer and for my wedding professional clients, but there are countless other reasons to join in.

If you are looking to DIY your website, you can get started with a free trial. If you want to skip a few steps and eliminate the learning curve, let’s talk about collaborating together on your Showit website!


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Showit is My Favorite Platform for Designing Client Websites




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