The DGD Showit Website Design Process: How It Works

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As a wedding service provider and vendor, you help your brides in a completely unique way. You go above and beyond what your competitors provide, and your pricing thoughtfully reflects your value.


Whether you bustle your bride’s dress before capturing photos of her grand entrance, put the final touches on her wedding bouquet before delivering it to the wedding venue, or create a detailed itinerary of wedding day festivities, you bring your bride’s dreams to life.


For new brides, choosing the right vendors isn’t always easy. With so many to choose from, your brides are looking for vendors who stand out from all the noise (and there’s a lot of it!).


You know one thing for sure: to attract your ideal bride, your website will need a facelift. It’s time for a website design that makes you not only the best choice in the industry but the right choice for them, too. With the right blend of imagery, graphics, text, and visuals, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your most ideal brides.


Connecting you with your favorite clients is why I do what I do as a Showit website designer. Well, that and the ability to design beautiful websites for clients from my couch with my pup (I mean, assistant) by my side.


Your website design shouldn’t hold you back from booking the right clients.



It should serve as your bride’s first introduction to your business, and a good one at that.


Through my Digital Grace Design website design process, I help clients transform their websites into lead generating, money making machines that feel just as good as they look.


Let’s dig into what the experience looks like so you get a taste of what I’m talking about…


The heart behind my Showit website design process

Service and experience are two of my biggest core values as a business owner. That’s why I created a Showit website design process that focuses not only on the final product, but also on every step of the experience.


I’m all about collaboration, so our process will be infused with lots of opportunities for collaboration on everything from website mockups to strategy-centered video recordings to website finalizations. Before I give too much away, let’s launch right into what’s involved in the process.


Step one: Inquiring about your project

Naturally, the first step of our project will be for you to reach out through my contact form to tell me more about your business. From there, we’ll be able to talk about what kind of website changes you are looking to make, identify any areas of improvement, and determine what’s working so we know what to keep intact in our new design.


As we chat about your project, we’ll take our conversation to a 15 minute video consultation call so we can meet face-to-face (literally!). We’ll talk about which package is your best fit, and what our next steps look like.


Step two: Booking your website design project

Now it’s time to make the project official! After the consultation call, I’ll send you more information about the package along with links to our first invoice deposit, contract, and a full timeline of what you can expect.


Step three: Preparing for your project

I’ll also be sending questionnaires in another email for you to fill out before our project starts. Think of it as fun adult homework. I recommend taking some time as you complete these questionnaires so you can be ultra strategic. It will ensure that we can jump into the design process more smoothly.

The brand questionnaire covers everything from who you are to what your goals are to who your ideal client is. We’ll also discuss any design preferences you may have which is always really eye-opening for me.


The content questionnaire is a place for you to upload all written and visual content for your website. You’ll also share your login credentials with me so I can hit the ground running when we get to that part of our project.


Step four: Create a homepage mockup

Instead of designing all of your website pages at once, I like to create your homepage mockup first (which I call a homepage pulse check) and present it to you before moving on to other pages. This ensures that you like the overall strategy of the homepage and we feel confident when designing the rest of your website.


I do this with the homepage because the rest of your website is built off of it. It sets the tone for the rest of the site with features that will carry throughout the website (like your navigation, headers, footers, font and color choices, etc.).


During the homepage pulse check, I’ll create a video recording of me walking through the homepage design, explaining the strategy and reasoning behind my design choices.


Then you’ll send any feedback you have during our first round of revisions. There are three revisions available but most homepages are finalized after just one revision, which saves us time in our project timeline – yay!


When we solidify what the homepage will look like after your suggestions, then we can tackle the other pages with a good idea of our strategy moving forward.


Step five: Complete the rest of your website design

Now it’s time for me to dive back into Showit and design the rest of your website pages. When I’m finished, I’ll send all the drafts at once so you can review the website in its entirety. I’ll create another video recording walking through each page and get your feedback.


Once we finalize the drafts of your website’s desktop version, we are ready to create your mobile design. Showit gives us the unique opportunity to customize what your website looks like on mobile devices, which is one of the reasons why it’s my favorite website platform.


Then I’ll complete the SEO groundwork of your site as we move into the final step of our project: submitting your site to Showit before your launch.


Step six: Get ready to launch your website design

At this point, you’ll be sitting on pins and needles as you become more and more excited to launch your new website each day.


Before we can do that, we’ll have to submit your website to Showit so they can connect your website and migrate any existing blog content to your new platform. (This is all included in your Showit plan so there’s no added cost!)


We’ll create a short-term coming soon page so you can still capture leads while Showit works on getting your website ready to launch. It usually only takes one or two days to get up and running so you won’t have to wait too long.


When the website is ready, we’ll switch the default homepage from your coming soon page to your actual homepage so you are officially live! This is when we virtually pop some bubbly and clink glasses to celebrate the new chapter of your business!



Step seven: Wrapping up the project

Okay, I know I said that was the final step (which is technically true) but I also want to make sure you are completely equipped in understanding the Showit platform and updating your website if needed.


I’ll send some video trainings that will help you make tweaks to your website down the road. That way, you won’t feel like you need to send me an email at midnight as you decide to slightly tweak your offerings or client timeline. 😉


However, if you’d rather be more hands off with your website design, I offer monthly retainers if you want to have a website designer on hand that can help with any changes that pop up. We can talk more about this during your project.



Does the DGD Showit website design experience sound like it was perfectly designed to fit you?

That’s what I love hearing from my clients! If the same is true for you, I’d love to hear more about your project and how my experience may fit into what you need.


I’m happy to tailor my packages to match your vision and am always truthful with my suggestions and recommendations before we get started. I’m all about including everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Let’s talk about your business, your expansion plans, and how you want your website to launch you into this new, exciting chapter.



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The Digital Grace Design Showit Website Process

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