Inside DGD’s Signature Visual Branding Process

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Have you ever wondered how designers create a logo from scratch?

Well, it’s not magic (but it would sound so cool if it was, right?).

Instead, it comes from following a proven process that can be utilized over and over again for all types of clients.

What results from the process changes every time. Sometimes a client’s brand design is clean, modern, and sophisticated while other clients prefer a vibrant and edgy brand design with pops of color to get a visitor’s attention.

This is why I LOVE being a visual brand designer! Every project follows the same workflow but the final brand design is something completely new and fresh for every client I work with.

Along with specializing in Showit website design and development, I also help my clients create a comprehensive brand design that helps them apply their new look to any digital and print designs.



So how does the visual branding process work?

The first step is to send me a project inquiry through my contact form so we can jump on a free consultation call to talk about your project and your visual branding vision.

As we decide to move forward and you send over our signed contract and paid deposit, we’ll be able to jump into the nitty gritty and start our project!

Are you ready to see what’s inside? Check out the full process below so you know exactly what to expect when we work together.


Step 1: Preparing for your visual branding project

Before we begin our project, you’ll have some client homework to complete. Don’t worry! I’ve streamlined this whole process so you have ample time to collect your thoughts and jot them down in an easy-to-use questionnaire format.

The brand questionnaire will cover everything from:

  • who you are (as a brand and as a human!)
  • what your mission and purpose is
  • what your bigger vision and business goals are
  • who your ideal client is
  • what your design preferences are and what you gravitate toward

… along with a few other questions so we can take a deep dive into your current brand to understand how to strategically move forward with your new branding.

The more time you take to reflect on your answers, the more aligned we will be in the branding process as we begin your project. I’ll need the questionnaire completed and submitted before we start our project so we can jump right in!


Step 2: Discuss brand strategy and get a pulse check

After taking some time to thoroughly look through your brand questionnaire, I’ll have a better feel for your business and the goals you want to accomplish with your new branding.

Then we’ll schedule a live brand strategy call to talk through some of the specifics of our project. This also helps us kickoff your project in a memorable way. I usually make some iced coffee or tea before our call as we get settled in. Feel free to make your favorite beverage too as we unwind and share creative ideas for where your brand is headed!

Based on what you’ve shared with me in the questionnaire, I’ll take you through my brand pulse check where I sum up the brand direction I recommend so your new visual branding fits you and speaks to your ideal client.

What does the brand pulse check include? We’ll talk about the fun stuff: choosing a color palette, fonts, and creating a moodboard. This is a great time to make sure that we’re on the same page. Any and all feedback is welcome! Once I have your approval, I’ll dig into your new brand design concept.


Step 3: Starting your visual brand design

Drawing inspiration from our brand pulse check, strategy call, and your brand questionnaires, I’ll officially begin the brand design process! This is when it gets really fun.

One of the best parts about this step is you get to sit back and relax while I create some brand concepts from my studio in NYC (with my pup Boomer by my side, of course!). You can either unwind with a good book, listen to a podcast by the pool (okay, that sounds amazing!), or take a well-deserved vacation!

No matter how you spend your time in between our strategy call and brand concept reveal, you’ll be fully ready to come back with fresh eyes as I send over three brand concepts.

Each concept will be designed with your unique business and client in mind. You can expect to see a primary logo, secondary logo(s), color palette, font selections, and pattern suggestions.

Why three concepts? I like to share three full concepts so you’re able to see the full story of the brand design fleshed out, not just a logo standing on its own.  

Up to three rounds of revisions are included in our package to make sure we achieve our goals, but most clients only need one round before we find the perfect fit. I can’t wait to collaborate with you to make sure we create a final brand design that’s a perfect fit for your business… but we’re not done yet!


Step 4: Dive into your stationery design

After finalizing our branding design, I’ll complete your stationery design along with your business card and note card designs. Like all of our other steps, I offer up to three rounds of revisions for these pieces to make sure we get them just right.


Step 5: Deliver your final files

Once ALL of your visual branding elements are approved, I’ll share all of the final files you’ll need in order to utilize your new branding successfully. You’ll receive a variety of file types and sizes in a variety of colors and formats. It will all be organized for you in easy-to-locate folders.  

This is also a great time to order your new business cards and note cards so you’re fully equipped to share your brand online and offline! I highly recommend ordering from Moo since I’ve always had great experiences with them, but your files will be ready for printing no matter what service provider you choose.


Step 6: Celebrate your brand refresh!

This is my absolute favorite part of the whole process: seeing everything come to life through your new digital and print designs! If we are working together on your website design, we’ll be able to celebrate even more after we press the “publish” button on your website.

As you celebrate, you’ll also have a community to celebrate with you! I’ll be sharing your project with my social media followers, and I know you’ll be doing the same. I can’t wait to hear the feedback you get from your brand design!



I can’t wait to meet and work with you! Click the button below to get started.


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Have any questions about my visual branding process? Let me know by writing in the comment section below!

Inside Digital Grace Design's Visual Branding Process


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