Showit Website Design Case Study: Michaila Chodur Photography

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There’s just something about putting the final touches on a wedding photographer’s website and seeing it come to life.

All of the image files that were once tucked away into digital folders are now confidently and beautifully showcased on their website for every visitor to see.

This is one of my favorite aspects of working with wedding and portrait photographers, and my collaboration with Michaila Chodur was no different.

With her bright and airy style of photography, it was clear from day one that her photos would totally steal the show, but we wanted to make sure the rest of her website represented the unique experience she gives her clients.


Before our Showit website design project started

Michaila and I were originally going to collaborate on a website audit to find areas of improvement, but after talking about her website goals, we decided that starting from scratch with a custom Showit website would be best.

Her former website showed many of her images, but it felt a little cluttered with too many things to look at. Her soft, romantic style wasn’t coming through on her previous website. She wanted her website to feel more high-end, taking inspiration from Katelyn James and Megan Kelsey.

As a wedding photographer in Ontario, she knew there was some stiff competition in trying to attract the right kind of brides. Even though she is in a saturated area, we focused on ways to make her website unique and interactive, so her ideal brides would stay on her website long enough to contact her!  We wanted to freshen her website’s imagery as well as the layout.

After seeing I had multiple payment plan options, she felt comfortable with the investment of a custom designed website and decided to move forward. Cue the confetti!



Inside the custom Showit website design project

Before I built out her homepage design (which is always the page I present first during my website design process), I noticed Michaila didn’t have a color palette to guide her visual brand.

Since she is obsessed with all things purple, we created a custom color palette with her favorite shade of purple. We used a soft lavender as the accent color on her website. We also chose a deeper, romantic purple to create contrast and a little bit of drama.

When we were thinking of other colors to add to her palette, I immediately thought that using a blue accent color from her eyeglasses would pull everything together. Not only would it jump off the page, but it also made the website feel more like her.

Then I included grey tones as a light and airy neutral which aligns with her beautiful photography style. I also added a touch of romance when choosing her script font, paired with a bold, sans-serif font for smaller headers.

After seeing her homepage mockup during our pulse check meeting, Michaila was in love with what she saw! With just a few small tweaks, we were ready to design the rest of her website pages so she could be ready for her launch.


After the launch of her Showit website design

The day finally arrived to launch her new and improved website design, and I couldn’t tell who was more excited: Michaela or myself!

After launching her website, Michaila has been able to make a stronger, more personal connection with her leads before they book her services. More leads are turning into clients with the help of her new Showit website, and she now can rest easy knowing that her website is working for her on autopilot.

She was a little nervous about the investment going into the project (as many people are!), but now sees the value of working with a professional to create a high performing website that doesn’t need constant attention or refreshing. It was so fun working with Michaila on a website design that amps up her personality and bookings! Luckily, she felt the same way about working with me:

“I really wanted my website to fit me and my brand, and now my website looks great! I love it all! Sarah listened to what I wanted, and went above and beyond when it came to my different requests, like the world map! I loved everything about working with Sarah. She was very prompt with communication and never hesitated to reply to my late night messages. Now I look forward to sharing my website! I know that my clients will be as impressed with my website as I am and that it will make an impact on future client’s decisions to work with me.” – Michaila


Michaila Chodur Photography Scrolling Website

Click the image above to view Michaila’s new website live!


Do you want to attract more of your ideal brides and not have to take every lead that comes your way? Do you want a website that markets your brand for you so you can focus on communicating with your brides and wowing them with your work?

If so, I’d love to hear more about your business goals and how we can align them with your website! Contact me today and we can chat through what your best options are.


Michaila Chodur Photography Design Case Study

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