Showit Case Study: Adore Photo Studio

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What happens when your business has more than one niche?

How do you highlight them all without making your website look cluttered or confusing?

What’s a girl to do?!

Struggling to represent all of their photography offerings in a clear way, Dana and Tracey came to me for some website help. Because they love portrait, wedding, business, and children’s photography, they were looking for a website designer who wouldn’t put them in a box or make them choose one niche.

It’s like they were calling my name! I couldn’t wait to get started after hearing that.

Before we decided to partner on their website project, they gave me the “down low” on what had been happening with their website at the time and why they wanted to improve it.




Before we began the Showit website design project

The more I talked with Dana and Tracey, the more we shared a vision for what their website could look like on the Showit platform. Their previous website was made and hosted on ProPhoto, but it wasn’t doing the job.

In 2017, they worked with another website designer on a ProPhoto website built off of a template that never felt like quite the right fit. One year later, they grew even more tired of the design and felt that it didn’t fit their clientele.

After deciding to work with another website designer, they carefully entered the research phase before finding my portfolio of work. They loved the website I had worked on with Heather Payne Photography and were hopeful that we could create something unique for them.

It didn’t take long to convince them why their website should be on Showit. After they fell in love with the platform, we started to assess what their goals were and what problems they needed to solve with the new website.

Their biggest issue with the previous website was that it didn’t communicate the different photography services Dana and Tracey offered. Their business is anything but one dimensional, and we wanted that to come through on their new website.

When asked about their goals for the newly designed website, Dana and Tracey hoped that it would be more user-friendly, and that everything from the imagery to the content would attract their ideal clients.

Using these goals to guide our project, we began the website design process!




Inside the DGD website design process

Dana and Tracey’s website was unique in that our homepage would act more as a landing page for visitors to choose which area of photography was their best fit. This allowed the website to cater to multiple audiences without alienating any of them.

On the landing page, I decided to highlight their wedding and portrait photography to keep things consistent with their most popular offerings. There are buttons for each offering that take visitors to a separate page with more information.

We took inspiration from the “choose your own adventure” books we read as a kid to create the landing page. After showing them the homepage design during the pulse check, they were thrilled to see all of the genres of their photography come together.

With a soft, romantic, and feminine style of photography, we chose some of their best work to highlight on each offering’s corresponding page. It really brought their website to life!

We kept the website content fairly concise so the images could shine. The sweet and to-the-point content turned out exactly how we wanted it to.

The final edits were made to the other website pages as we approached our website relaunch date. All three of us were sitting on pins and needles waiting for the day to arrive!




Showit website design launch day

After showing Dana and Tracey how to use the Showit platform through our video training, we got ready to launch their redesigned website.

Since they had a questionable experience with the website designer they hired in the past, it was incredible to see how excited they were about our final product this time around.

Here’s what they said about working together on their Showit website:

“Sarah from Digital Grace Design was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and communication was impressive and made the whole experience of redesigning our website a smooth and enjoyable process instead of a stressful and overwhelming one. Sarah perfectly understood the vision and branding that we wanted our website to showcase and we could not be more satisfied and in LOVE with our final product! If you are looking to rebrand and/or redesign your website, we would highly recommend collaborating with Digital Grace Design.” – Dana and Tracey

Interested in learning more about the Showit platform and what it could do for your business? Let’s talk about the ins and outs of my streamlined website design process and see if it’s the right fit for you.


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Adore Photo Studio Design Case Study

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