Why to Hire a Copywriter for Your Showit Website

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “I mean, I can write, but I can’t seem to write my website content,” I’d at least have a few dollars.

If you feel the same way, believe me, I get it. While you may find it easy to write an email or text to a friend, or even create a blog post that talks about your work, website copywriting can feel like a whole other beast.

If you’ve ever wondered why writing website content feels so different, it’s because copywriting focuses on using words to create an emotional connection with your audience, helping you build trust and turn that newfound trust into sales.

That means copywriting is about storytelling, but it’s also about selling. If your website copy tells a good story but it doesn’t convert, it needs to be tweaked.

After you’ve done an audit on your website, you might realize it could be performing better than it currently is. If so, it might be time to call in a copywriter to help you strengthen your messaging.

Consider this article your field guide to determining if hiring a copywriter is the right fit for you and how to choose the right partner (yes, even if it’s not me!).

Let’s start with the reasons why working with a copywriter can be so beneficial.

A copywriter can help you define your brand voice

Do you ever feel like whenever you try to write down your thoughts, they don’t come out quite right? It can be hard to translate what’s in your head into words that sound like you. It’s like you know what you want to say, but the minute you start typing, your messaging starts to feel a little… off.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this feeling. In fact, my website design clients often say it’s one of their biggest challenges! In these frustrating moments, it helps to have a copywriter by your side who can take you through a brand voice development process.

Every writer has a different way of bringing your truest voice to the surface, so it’s best to find someone with a process that fits what you need.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and writer, I proudly use their proven framework to help my clients cultivate their voice and connect with their ideal clients. That way, everything we write together not only sounds like something they would actually say in real life, but it also resonates with who they are trying to attract.

To find your best fit, you may want to look at the copywriter’s portfolio to see if you resonate with their style. Do they write in a poetic tone or does their copy have an edge to it? Are they known for writing with wit, charm, or lots of personality? Does their writing style feel like a close friend, sassy aunt, or even a wise mentor?

My biggest piece of advice is to choose a copywriting partner who writes in a similar style based on how you speak and naturally communicate. You may love a specific style, but if it doesn’t sound like you do in real life, you run the risk of sounding inauthentic. We don’t want that!

One more thing. Before you hire a copywriter, ask about what their process looks like for unearthing your natural brand voice. Every copywriter is going to have a completely different way to discovering your voice, so this question will be really revealing.

A copywriter will bring an outside perspective 

Sometimes you can be too close to your own business to know which ideas are worth pursuing. I’ve felt like that plenty of times before. When I feel a lack of clarity or find myself asking too many questions I’m not sure how to answer, I call in for reinforcements.

Sometimes this looks like a coach, and other times it looks like a service provider who is an expert in their field. It’s SO valuable to have feedback from a third-party collaborator who can advise you on the best way to move forward, especially if you feel stuck.

If you’ve started the writing process already but feel like you can’t stop second-guessing yourself, it may be time to bring in a copywriter. They’ll help you assess what obstacles you’re facing and work with you to create solutions through your copywriting.

Copywriters may be in charge of crafting your messaging, but they also can help you see your business in a completely new way! The things you learn while writing website content together can be used to improve your social media captions, email newsletters, and other marketing strategies.

Also, they’ll be there to remind you that all of the content you’re creating together needs to be client-centered. It can’t just sound great to you. It needs to resonate with them first. If you have a hard time writing about yourself, this is even better news to you!

A copywriter can help you prioritize your messaging

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen entrepreneurs push content writing to the very last second. My other designer friends say the same thing.

So, why does this happen? It’s sometimes because a client forgot to write the copy altogether, but usually, they’re running late because they tried to start writing but it proved to be more difficult than they thought.

Most creatives treat content as the last thing to check off their to-do list. I think it’s because they’d rather focus on creating stunning website designs that really pop. Don’t get me wrong, I love pretty designs just as much as the next person, but I also know from experience that writing your content first actually improves your design.

Both designers and copywriters agree that the best designs are built around really strategic content. So, if you’ve ever wondered if copywriting or design should come first, the answer is almost always in favor of copywriting.

If this is news to you, don’t worry! With a copywriter by your side, you don’t have to worry about putting together all of your content in time to hit your designer’s due date. Instead, you can give yourself more space to think strategically about your website project and communicate your thoughts to other partners who can help you execute. Sounds dreamy, right? It’s because it is!

A copywriter can advise on your website strategy

Not all copywriters would consider themselves website strategists, but the ones who do (ahem, me!) can provide value well beyond the words they write. The mark of truly effective website content isn’t only found in the words that are written but also in how they are strategically organized.

Since I am a copywriter who also doubles as a Showit website designer, I know how to approach a website from three distinct perspectives: design, copywriting, AND strategy. Working with someone who knows more than one can be extremely beneficial, no matter if they cover all three areas or if their knowledge simply allows them to better communicate with other partners you’re working with in the process.

Before you hire a website content writer, ask them how big of a role website strategy plays into their process. Some copywriters prioritize conversion strategy while others focus on SEO (search engine optimization). Some would rather spend their time conducting past client interviews while others dig really deep into brand voice development.

It’s not that any of them are more right or wrong than the others. Every copywriter has a different skillset, so you’ll want to be proactive in asking questions that help you find who you need before you hire someone. If you’re interested in knowing more about my copywriting process for Showit sites, click here and we can chat!

Happy hunting!


Why to Hire a Copywriter for Your Showit Website

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