Custom Brand and Showit Website Case Study: JH Events

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While I don’t have children of my own, in some ways I feel like launching a brand and website for a client must feel a smidgen like watching your child graduate and head out to take on the world on their own.  Clearly we’re talking on a much smaller scale here, but it’s so much fun to have a vision and goals for how a brand and website will turn out, help bring them to life, and then send them out into the world with their owners, watching their growth and progress from afar.

Ok, maybe this analogy is a stretch, but I’m so excited to give you a glimpse into our custom brand and Showit website design project for Jodi of JH Events, a wedding and event planner based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Jodi had been planning weddings and events for years both on her own and for event venues in California, but had never taken the time to create a brand or website for her business.  After moving to Couer d’Alene, she felt it might be time to ‘make it official’ with new branding and a strategic and beautiful custom Showit website.


About JH Events and Our Design Goals

JH Events is a Coeur d’Alene based luxury wedding and event planner for couples who appreciate the finer details and find value in an elevated level of service that they can rely on.  JH Events specializes in classic, timeless, high end wedding planning, while also offering planning for bridal and baby showers and corporate events.  Jodi prides herself in planning perfect events down to the little details, honest and to the point communication, and the ultimate in grace under pressure.

Our goal with her custom brand and Showit website was to ensure that her brand was something that she would be naturally drawn to (classic, simple, clean, beautiful!), but also inspire and attract her ideal clients.  Our most important goal was to highlight Jodi, her eye for the finer details, her candid communication, and her elevated service and experience, because that was what was going to separate her from her competition.  We wanted potential clients to immediately see her love for planning perfect events, and creating moments that turn into treasured memories.  We wanted to bring a sense of Jodi to her clients, so that they wouldn’t want to leave her site without getting in contact with her first.


Inside the Custom Brand Design

We began the custom brand design process by making sure we were on the same page with our vision through creating a moodboard that would reflect the look and feel we were going for in the rest of her brand and website design.  From here, we also chatted about possible color palettes, font pairings, and textures that might be a good fit as well.

JH Events Moodboard


We chose a soft, airy blush palette grounded in navy, balanced by a dusky blue and warm neutrals, and accented by hints of gold.  This palette feels feminine, timeless, clean, warm, and inviting

For our textures, we selected luxe textures to provide visual interest to the brand, while still maintaining the elevated feel that her brand embodies.  I especially love the handwritten scripted pattern we used – it feels both handcrafted and precise, thoughtful and artisanal.

We chose a blend of font styles to make Jodi’s font pairings feel complete and balanced.  Serif fonts are known for their classic feel, and add to the timeless aesthetic we were looking to create, and by incorporating a script or handwritten font as well, we added a more personal, yet elegant touch that balance the cleaner lines.

JH Events Brand Board


Jodi’s business cards and stationery feature luxe gold foil accents and high quality paper that feels amazing in the hand.  Just a further representation of Jodi’s beautiful brand!  Receiving these stationery pieces in the mail made me feel like a kid at Christmas!  They’re absolutely stunning, and I hope that Jodi will enjoy sharing them with her clients and community.

JH Events Stationery


Inside the Custom Showit Website Design

After completing Jodi’s visual brand, it was finally time to dig into designing her custom Showit website.  The website design part of our design process is always my favorite part.  I love seeing the brand come to life and see the puzzle pieces fall into place.

Jodi’s website needed to not only be user friendly, but also absolutely stunning in order to both match the quality of the events she plans but also attract the types of clients she loves to work with.  After getting the green light from Jodi after viewing her home page pulse check (that’s always built into the Digital Grace Design website design process), I got to work completing and refining the rest Jodi’s website design.

JH Events Home Page Image

I could try to describe the JH Events website to you, but I think it would be better if you just hopped on over and took a look around!  I love how it all came together, and think it serves as a perfect online first impression to Jodi and her work.  Classic, elegant, timeless, elevated, feminine design, with an eye for all the details.

JH Events Mock Up


Now, I hear you’re not allowed to pick favorite children, but I have to say that Jodi’s custom brand and Showit website design project has definitely turned into one of my very favorites to date!  It was a joy to collaborate with her and guide her through this process, and an absolute honor bringing her vision to life thoughtfully and strategically.

Are you looking to rebrand our business like Jodi, but aren’t sure where to start?  I’d love to chat with you about your business, hear your vision and goals for the new year, and talk about how we might be able to collaborate with each other to elevate your business!  Click below to set up a time to chat!  I can’t wait to hear from you.


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JH Events Custom Brand and Showit Website Case Study


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