10 Best Showit Templates For Creative Entrepreneurs

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Instead of starting from scratch with designing your Showit website, why not customize a template you already love? If saving time and money is your goal, investing in a Showit template will (literally) pay off.

I usually recommend working with a Showit template if you’re:

  • Creating your first website for a new business
  • Not sure who your ideal client or audience is yet
  • Still needing to validate your offers and ideas
  • Building a brand from the ground up
  • Wanting to DIY your website without all the leg work

If you found yourself nodding along with any of these points, let’s talk more about templates.

No matter where you are in the website journey, this roundup of my top 10 Showit templates will (hopefully) help you get closer to finding your perfect fit. 

10 Showit website templates you won’t want to miss

Before you think this roundup is a way to promote all of my own templates, let me put your mind at ease by saying each one was created by a different website designer.

While I believe in the value of my own Showit templates, I also recognize that another template may be a better fit for you. In this roundup, you’ll find some of my favorite Showit templates for virtually every creative industry.

Ready to get some website inspiration? Let’s dive into our first few templates!

Alex Bloom from Oregon Lane Studio – $349

Let’s start this roundup with a beautiful, streamlined Showit template from Tara of Oregon Lane Studio. She happens to be a close friend of mine and the visionary behind the Alex Bloom template you’ll find below.

Created primarily for podcasters and educators, this Showit website template has a feminine flair that’s perfect for creatives. She includes well-defined content sections to help website creators explain their services, feature podcast episodes, and even collect media inquiries.

If you’re creating a content-first brand and want to stand out with a user-friendly website, Alex Bloom could be right for you. It also is one of the more budget-friendly options on this list and comes with a Podcast page that you can start customizing right away.

To launch your podcast with ease and give your website a strong voice, Alex Bloom might be your new favorite Showit template.

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Gramercy from Digital Grace Design – $747

After launching my own Showit website template shop in early 2022, I had to include one of my personal favorites. I created the Gramercy template for brand photographers, coaches, creatives, and makers alike.

Much like the Alex Bloom template, Gramercy comes with a Podcast page, Course/Mastermind/Coaching Sales page, Service Experience page, and many more pages that look great on any device screen. You can customize this template to match your brand no matter your color palette and typography choices.

What’s unique about my Showit templates is that they all come with complimentary access to my Simple Showit SEO course, 50+ video tutorials, and a website launch checklist, to name a few. There are also built-in copywriting prompts to make writing your website content even easier.

If you’re a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur who is building a Showit website for the first time, Gramercy could be your best fit.

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Gabby from Elizabeth McCravy – $797

Calling all wellness professionals! If you’re a yoga teacher, nutritionist, personal trainer, or health coach, the Gabby template from Elizabeth McCravy may be for you. It comes with built-in fonts and colors but everything can be customized to fit your personal brand.

With small pops of color and overlapping text sections, you’ll stand out when you use down-to-earth imagery and bold headlines. This template comes with pre-written titles and messaging, but you’ll want to swap it out for your own content.

Keep in mind that if you want to start a podcast, you’ll need to spend an extra $197 for access to the Gabby Podcast page. It doesn’t come included in the design, so before you check out, make sure you add it to your cart if that’s a feature you’re looking for.

If you want to become an influencer in the wellness space, Gabby could be the best template for your business.

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Margarita from Tonic Site Shop – $1250

If you have more room in your budget for a bright and vibrant template, Margarita from Tonic Site Shop may fit your needs. The design studio says the template is “personality-packed but low-key,” and I couldn’t agree more!

With bold colors and eye-catching content sections, Margarita is perfect for personal brands and content creators. I particularly like the custom Blog design in this template and all of the fun options on the About page. However, since this template focuses a lot on the individual, it may not be as great of a fit for brands that want to build a team.

This Showit template is quite popular among creative business owners, so be sure to check if it’s being used by any of your top competitors. You can still customize it to your brand so it looks more unique, but it’s always important to do your research.

If budget isn’t a concern and you’re ready to unleash your creativity with a bold template, Margarita is tailored to you.

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La Pelosa from Davey & Krista – $499

Fine art photographers are going to love this La Pelosa template from Davey & Krista. It has a minimal design with simple layouts guided by the “less is more” principle. The look will appeal to high-end brides. With minimal copy, your photography will speak for itself.

However, this template is quite limited in how it can be used. With an emphasis on high-resolution imagery, it’s really best for wedding photographers and videographers. Other industries may not be able to use this template to fit their growing needs.

La Pelosa looks very editorial which will either attract or repel your website visitors. This template can stay as an option on your list as long as your target audience appreciates this design aesthetic.

If you love getting lost in fashion magazines like Vogue and taking inspiration from the latest design trends, La Pelosa may be a good fit.

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San Francisco from With Grace & Gold – $500 

This San Francisco template from With Grace & Gold is perfect for creatives, educators, and photographers who love a soft, feminine aesthetic. It’s designed in a way where you’ll see multiple images per scroll, meaning the template is best for business owners who want to highlight their photography.

I particularly like the simplicity of the testimonials design and the minimal website footer. This template doesn’t have a lot of features that purposefully stand out and grab your audience’s attention, so you’ll need to include eye-catching imagery.

The Blog page includes a sidebar, which some bloggers will love, while other bloggers may want to remove or customize. The template is set up nicely for photographers and visual artists who want to create consistent blog content as they position themselves as influencers.

If you’re looking to attract a female audience with a photography-focused Showit template, look no further than San Francisco.

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Bailey from The Buffalo Collective – $399

The Bailey template from The Buffalo Collective is said to be “warm, fun, and modern,” but it seems to be for creatives who are free-spirited and adventurous. I could see elopement photographers and digital nomad influencers using this Showit template for their business.

One of the defining features of this Showit template is the large hero image. This refers to the main photo slideshow you’ll see at the top of the Homepage. It’s not included on any of the other website pages, so you can use this space to show off your work. If photography isn’t one of your main offerings or you don’t have many photos, this template may not be the best fit for you.

Bailey doesn’t come with as many customizable website page options as the other templates you’ll see here, so it may be best for those who are creating their first website. It’s also one of the more budget-friendly options!

If you’re into the warm aesthetic that’s on-trend right now and want a simple Showit template that doesn’t break the bank, Bailey could be a good place to start.

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Kodiak from North Folk – $997

Much like the La Pelosa template, the Kodiak template from North Folk is largely inspired by editorial layouts. With double-column content sections, larger headlines, and simple imagery sections, this template will almost read like a newspaper or magazine.

If your visual branding is clean, minimal, crisp, and understated, it will blend in seamlessly with this Kodiak template. However, if you like colorful designs and bold imagery, this may not be the most natural fit. There’s also a lot of white space in this design, so keep this in mind when you’re customizing the design.

This template may be best for fine artists, visual artists, and high-end commercial photographers. It’s not as versatile as others, so it may be best for those with a more descriptive, poetic brand voice and emotive imagery.

To create a website with a high-end feel without all the bells and whistles, Kodiak may be what you’re looking for.

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Madeline from The Autumn Rabbit – $375

With overlapping graphic elements and unique geometric shapes, the Madeline template from The Autumn Rabbit really stands out. It was created for fine art lifestyle photographers, but I could see it being used by photographers in any niche.

There aren’t too many frills or added features to this template. It’s truly clean and simple like its description says. While scroll-heavy designs are on-trend right now, this design feels pretty timeless.

One thing you may notice as you scroll through a demo version of the template is that the website pages are very short. If you want to include long-form copy on your website, this won’t be a good fit for you.

If you want to include very minimal amounts of website copy and let your imagery speak for itself, Madeline could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Riviere from Saffron Ave – $1080

As you scroll through the Riviere template from Saffron Ave, you may feel like you’re looking at a beautifully designed product catalog. However, it’s actually a website template for edgy but chic business owners.

Unlike other websites that are hyper-focused on serving personal brands, Riviere is great for small businesses and agencies, too. Riviere features a unique grid layout that feels engaging for visitors. It’s used consistently throughout the Showit template, making a lasting impression on your audience.

The sections and copy opportunities may feel a bit repetitive at times, but if you’re looking to create a simple website, it could still be a good fit. I also really like the main menu design, especially on desktop and laptop screens.

If you want to expand beyond being a solopreneur with a Showit template you can grow into overtime, Riviere might be the template for you.

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Which Showit template will you choose?

Now that you’ve had a chance to review all 10 of these Showit templates, which feels like the best fit for your business? Instead of only thinking about what you need today, take a moment to consider how you want your business to grow.

If you can find a Showit template that fits where you are and gets you where you want to go, all while matching your aesthetic and visual branding, you have a clear winner!

However, if you’re still searching, feel free to check out the other Showit templates in my template shop.

Also, if you’re still on the fence about whether you should migrate to Showit, here’s a quiz to help you decide, plus a few more reasons why the switch to Showit is worth it.

10 Best Showit Templates For Creative Entrepreneurs

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