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Have you ever been to a website that just felt like home? Maybe you thought to yourself, “Can I just live in this website? It’s so pretty!” That’s when you know you’ve found a great one! So how can we create better websites that give our ideal clients this feeling as soon as they land […]

As the most popular website platform in existence, it’s no surprise that WordPress is making an appearance today in my Website Platform Showdown series. While most of the early websites were created on platforms like WordPress, more and more people are leaving it to build their websites on more user-friendly, easy-to-update platforms that give you […]

When we don’t get the results we are hoping for from our websites, we usually do one of three things: research until our eyes roll back into our heads and forget to put anything into action say an exasperated rant inside our head about how annoyed we are burn it all down and start over […]

A common misconception is that branding is all about your logo. While it is a massively important visual element of your brand (and deserves your special attention), it isn’t the end-all-be-all of building a strong visual brand. You need more than a logo to become a recognizable, memorable brand. Your logo will help your target […]

There’s just something about putting the final touches on a wedding photographer’s website and seeing it come to life. All of the image files that were once tucked away into digital folders are now confidently and beautifully showcased on their website for every visitor to see. This is one of my favorite aspects of working […]

What happens when your business has more than one niche? How do you highlight them all without making your website look cluttered or confusing? What’s a girl to do?! Struggling to represent all of their photography offerings in a clear way, Dana and Tracey came to me for some website help. Because they love portrait, […]

About pages are typically the most dreaded website page to create among creatives. And it’s not that surprising. Most people don’t enjoy writing about themselves, not to mention that everyone’s About page looks so different. How do you decide what’s important to include? How do you know if you’re accidentally missing something you just can’t […]

Have you ever wondered how designers create a logo from scratch? Well, it’s not magic (but it would sound so cool if it was, right?). Instead, it comes from following a proven process that can be utilized over and over again for all types of clients. What results from the process changes every time. Sometimes […]

Another day, another website redesign announcement in your social media feed… It seems like everyone is redesigning their website lately. Successful companies know that as their business evolves, their website has to evolve with them. As a small business owner that operates primarily online, your website is one of your most important marketing channels. It’s […]

Every entrepreneur seems to recommend a different website platform… Some say Squarespace is best, others recommend WordPress, but you also hear great things about Showit. And then there’s Shopify, Wix, and dozens of others… So how do you decide which website platform is the best fit for you? I’m here to give you a full […]

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