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The only thing more rewarding than wrapping up a fun website design project is seeing it go live on launch day. It makes me feel like decorating my apartment with streamers and baking a frosted cake to celebrate, which is especially fitting for my latest client project with Melody of M Cake Design. After running […]

Blogging used to be a fun pastime, but now it’s become a serious part of effectively marketing your business. When you gear up for your new website launch, you may want to create a game plan for your blog at the same time. Showit makes this really easy with their WordPress blog integration, but you […]

Do you remember the first time you visited your favorite website? What did you fall in love with? Was it the beautiful font pairings or the bright images? Maybe it was their layout or how interactive their homepage was. No matter what you love about the website, it made an impact on you. Chances are […]

You’ve probably heard the phrase “branding is more than a logo”, but what else is included? While your logo is an incredibly important branding element, there are so many other design choices that are made when you create a visual brand that’s built to last. Visual branding is just as much about your customized color […]

I’ve designed websites on virtually every platform that exists and nothing (I repeat, nothing) can compare to the Showit platform. Showit may be a relatively new kid on the block, but it’s quickly gaining ground because of how beautiful its interface is for creators and visitors alike. It takes away the need to code every […]

The saturation is real. Just when it feels like you’ve mastered your local wedding market, a new crop of vendors roll in and start booking many of your bride leads. It doesn’t help that most brides are price shopping, and since you aren’t the most affordable option (for good reason!), they continue browse for other […]

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