6 Things to Add to Your Resource Page For More Passive Income

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Your website is the hub of your brand. When people visit your website, they’ll be looking to learn more about you and see if you can help them.

As you build a stronger relationship with website visitors through copywriting, photography, and design, they’ll be more likely to trust your recommendations. This is the perfect opportunity to share your favorite things and direct their attention to your Resource page.

A Resource page is commonly used as a reference page where you can recommend products you love and share your knowledge.

While some brands stop at creating a bullet point list of brands they recommend and educational resources, you can take it one step further. Let’s talk about the different ways you can add value to your Resource page.

6 ways to make your Resource page stand out

With a fully designed Resource page that’s tailored to your brand, you can increase website conversions, decrease your bounce rate, and raise affiliate commissions.

Instead of starting from scratch, I have a Resource page template you’re going to love. It will give you ample space to share your favorite things and introduce your brand to a wider audience.

As you follow the template in creating your Resource page content, let’s cover the top six things you’ll want to include.

Personal bio or brand introduction

You may be tempted to launch right into your recommendations, but keep in mind that some visitors might be landing on your website for the first time through your Resource page.

It’s always a good idea to lead with an introduction, so be sure to talk about what your visitors can expect from this page. Add some personality to your copywriting and show what your brand is all about!

Since most Resource pages include affiliate links, you’ll want to follow Maria from Bloom & Grow Radio’s example by including an affiliate disclaimer. As an affiliate, your brand will receive a commission from any sales that come from your affiliate links.

While some brands choose to include this affiliate disclaimer at the bottom of their website, Maria puts it front and center. By doing so, she’s able to write an engaging disclaimer that shows how much she appreciates community members who shop on her Resource page.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to shop for plants with Maria?

Product spotlight

No matter if you design your own products or want to give a shout-out to your favorite shop, your Resource page could benefit from a product spotlight.

In this section, you can explain the main reasons why you recommend the product. My Resource page template comes with a built-in photo slideshow you can use to show off the product and entice more people to buy.

Influencers and service providers usually use this space to recommend other brand products they love. If you’re an educator or eCommerce marketer, you may want to highlight your own products like Maria.

All you need to get started are a few product photos, a clear call-to-action button, and a short description describing the product. Then you’ll be a few steps closer to making more passive income!

Book recommendations

Speaking of must-buy products, some of the easiest resources to recommend are books. If you’re anything like me, you’re always adding books to your want-to-read list.

When creating my own Resource page, I knew it was important to share some of my top book recommendations. This curated list of books gives new visitors an inside look into what inspires me as a website designer and business owner.

While you can keep it simple by stating the title of the book with a link, I recommend showing the book cover design. Not only does this make your Resource page more interesting but it will also help your visitors ensure they add the right book to their list.

Tool recommendations

In addition to books, I’m frequently asked about the tools I use in my business. Instead of having to type out my top recommendations each time I’m asked, I can simply direct people to my Resource page.

Here, they’ll see a comprehensive list of the tools I use and a short description of why I love them. If I have a special discount code or offer for those who purchase through my affiliate link, I also include it in the description.

This makes it really easy for me to promote all the software and tools I love in one central place. Since this section acts as a directory, visitors can explore each tool at their own pace and create new accounts as desired.

If you haven’t signed up to be an affiliate for your favorite tools, I highly recommend doing so! They offer some of the highest commission rates on the market, so don’t leave money on the table without knowing it. 

Shopping lists

To keep visitors on your website for longer, include a few shopping lists. In these lists, you’ll want to add a photo of each item along with its price or a discount code.

You can also include product categories on your Resource page, making it easier for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to scroll. I have this feature built into my Resource page template, and I highly recommend using this strategy to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

On Maria’s Resource page, we decided to separate each shopping list into separate categories like Planty Accessories, Potting Mixes, Grow Lights, and more. You can do the same by grouping similar products together on your own Resource page.

List of service providers

Have you ever thought about giving a shout-out to the service providers you work with? Your Resource page is a great place to sing their praises.

Not only does this make my collaborators feel supported but it also increases referral opportunities for us both. If you want to take it a step further and make more passive income, talk to your service providers about exchanging referral fees.

Referral fees are a common way service providers make passive income by sharing leads with one another. Referral programs are mutually beneficial, so this section might make sense to add to your Resource page!

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6 Things to Add to Your Resource Page For More Passive Income

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