Why You Should Build an Instagram Landing Page on Showit

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There are three little words that can make the difference between attracting a new customer on Instagram or letting them slip away.

You guessed it – I’m talking about the infamous “link in bio” call-to-action!

From influencers to bloggers to small business owners, it may seem as though everyone has adopted this phrase to direct people to their website.

In the past, Instagram users had to manually change the link in their bio any time they wanted to point to a new blog post, podcast episode, video, or page on their website.

Now there’s an easier way!

With an Instagram landing page hosted on your Showit website, you will be able to point people to multiple places all at once, giving your audience free reign to choose the path that’s most relevant to them.

If you don’t want to play favorites when it comes to choosing a link for your Instagram bio, building an Instagram landing page on Showit could be your perfect solution.

Why use an Instagram landing page?

Showit landing pages bring a lot of value to your Instagram bio because you can fully customize every aspect of the page to accomplish your main goals.

What’s an Instagram (IG) landing page, you ask? It’s a central place for Instagram users to land on when they want to learn more about your brand and what it’s like to work with you.

When someone visits your Instagram feed and is interested in your content, they’ll be tempted to visit your bio link. It’s your job to point them in the right direction through your IG landing page, depending on what they are ultimately hoping to discover.

There are many benefits to using an Instagram landing page.

Here’s a deeper look at a few of them.

You’ll have full design control

Think about the kind of brand experience you want to offer potential clients. When it comes to marketing your products or services online, it’s important to lead with a consistent and cohesive experience on every platform. This starts with using the right tools.

You may have seen other creatives use a third-party Instagram landing page builder like Linktree to share multiple links, but you don’t have a lot of design control over the look and feel of your Linktree page. Adjusting colors is about the only thing you can change.

This means your Linktree page may look like everyone else’s page. You were born to stand out, so your landing page should too! It’s a huge reason why I recommend building your landing page on Showit.

Also, you can’t add your logo to Linktree unless you upgrade to a premium membership. Without this feature, it can hurt your ability to stay consistent on all platforms.

If you build the landing page on your own Showit website, however, your logo and any other visual branding elements can easily be added to wow your audience. Keeping the same visual branding on every platform is incredibly important because it builds trust with potential clients.

Rest assured you can make the Instagram landing page look however you want in Showit’s no-code website builder. What a relief!

You can direct traffic to one easy place

If “link in bio” means reading your latest blog post one week and then it changes to listening to your newest podcast interview the following week, you might create confusion for your Instagram followers.

Instead, you can point to an Instagram landing page on your Showit website that includes newly updated links while featuring other links that always stay the same.

For example, you might always want to point people toward your Services page because turning Instagram leads into paying clients is a priority for you. You can keep this link towards the top of your Instagram landing page, but whenever you want to highlight a new piece of content, you can add it to the page as well.

That way, all of your links can be found in one easy-to-find place!

Another benefit to building an Instagram landing page on your own website is that you won’t be driving all of your traffic toward a third-party site. You don’t want to miss out on bringing people to your website!

Also, the more people click on links inside your website-hosted Instagram landing page, the more your bounce rate will decrease. This tells Google that your website is user-friendly and increases your website’s performance in search.

Landing pages naturally increase conversions because they are hyper-focused on helping your audience get to where they need to go next. Your Instagram landing page is no different.

Lastly, hosting your landing pages on a third-party site also means the tool could crash and you’d be out of luck. The best way to avoid this is by hosting your landing page on your own website. Showit has some of the best website security on the market so you’ll be in good hands.

You’re able to add multiple calls-to-action (CTAs)

I’ve already briefly mentioned this but it’s worth repeating. Instagram landing pages give you the unique opportunity to point people in multiple directions.

If someone comes to your Instagram account and wants to learn more about your business, they may want to sign up for emails or fill out your contact form for more information. Take a moment to think about the different actions you may want an audience member to take, and make sure each one is reflected in your Instagram landing page.

While you can add as many links to your Instagram landing page as you’d like, I recommend keeping it around five to six links. Any more than that could potentially overwhelm your audience, causing them to have analysis paralysis. We don’t want that!

Make sure each of your call-to-action links fits with a core goal of your website and business. Also, take a moment to consider what strategy will work best for generating more leads from your Instagram landing page. After all, that’s the major goal of using Instagram to grow your business!

Building your own Instagram landing page on Showit

Now that you’re convinced it’s time to create your own Instagram landing page on Showit, you might be wondering how to get started.

Instead of building it from scratch, I’ve already created a FREE Instagram landing page template that’s easy to customize and implement into your own site. Click here to snag your FREE template and learn more!

Once you’ve downloaded and customized your free template, you’ll have everything you need to convert more Instagram followers into client leads for your business!

I have an in-depth video tutorial to walk you through how to customize the Instagram landing page to fit your unique needs. It’s one of the simplest ways to ensure your Instagram followers find exactly what they are looking for.

If you’re curious to see how you can personalize the design to your brand, see how others have created Instagram landing pages on their own Showit websites:


Instagram Landing Page on Showit website pulled up on an iPhone on a table

Instagram "link in bio" landing page for Showit website on an iPhone

What are you waiting for?

Let’s turn more followers into leads with an Instagram landing page on your Showit website!

Download your free template today!  Click here to snag yours!


Why You Should Build an Instagram Landing Page on Showit

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